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Richmond Division

BC Division
12771 No. 5 Road
Richmond, BC
Canada, V7A 4E9
Tel: (604) 274-9955
Fax: (604) 274-1013
Toll Free 1-888-478-2237
Reception Phone #604-274-9955

Customer Service Manager
Kris Nand - Ext. 222
Customer Service
Rob Katan - Ext 224

Nisku Division

Alberta Division
511 - 12th Avenue
Nisku, Alberta
Canada, T9E 7N8
Tel: (780) 955-2802
Fax: (780) 955-8909
Reception Phone #780-955-2802

Customer Service Manager
Nash McGowan - Ext 243
Customer Service
Brandy Tobiasson - Ext 227

ACR has over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and production facilities. With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality impact and abrasion resistant solutions for customers around the globe, ACR is the choice to make when dealing with problems involving impact, abrasion, energy reduction or other issues requiring protective materials for equipment.

Contact our customer service personnel at either plant for more information on what ACR can do for you.

ACR values our employees and provides ongoing training and support for all staff. Our technical, production and sales personnel have the widest range of skill and knowledge, with years of experience to help make your experience as a customer trouble free and enjoyable.