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In independent impact testing the ACR Magna-Skin™ Magnetic liners did not fail once, even with tests at 50 lbs from a drop height.

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The ACR Magna-Skin™ Magnetic Liner is used in place of other traditional lining systems when installation and change out time are a concern. Magnetic liners from ACR install without welding, bolting or adhesives, fastening with magnetic force alone.

Bolt on liners rust and are difficult to remove without cutting, making it impractical to reposition them as they wear. Repositioning of the ACR Magna-Skin™ Magnetic Liners is quick and easy when some have worn more than others, stretching the life of the overall lining. Bolt on liners have a tendency to allow liquid to find a way behind them and out of the equipment. ACR magnetic liners effectively seal the equipment surface off, since they have rubber on all sides, rather than steel.

Installation of the magnetic liners involves simply cleaning the ferrous metal surface where the liners will be installed and then fitting into place with each pad against the next. The lined area should be supported on all sides with either the chute wall or an angle or straight steel support bar. Vibration will move almost anything over time and this step prevents any chance of movement. The liners will hold strongly to the steel equipment and resist the impact and abrasion from ore and other material without movement. The spacing in between each liner will quickly fill with fine particles that will stay in place creating a solid overall wear surface. ACR Magna-Skin™ wear liners are also available with ceramic or UHMW wear surfaces for coal, wood, food processing and other specialty applications.

ACR Magna-Skin ™ Magnetic wear liner standard sizes are 12" x 12" in either 1" or 2" thickness. Custom sizes and thicknesses are available on request.

Change out time for the ACR liners versus bolt on liners is reduced by more than half, allowing for maximum production. Used in hoppers, chutes, bins, drop boxes, cyclone under pans and a host of other areas that require constant wear protection, the ACR Magna-Skin ™ liners come in various sizes an can be cut to accommodate any requirement.

To change out pads, insert a pry bar or other thin metal tool under the liner and lift to break the magnetic bond with the steel equipment. ACR Magna-Skin ™ magnetic liners can be cut to allow for fitting in odd dimensional areas, using a tile saw. We can plot out liner installation from your digital drawings and supply liners tagged for easy installation.

If you only need to change out certain liners of a wear area, you can do so quickly and easily with no long shut down required.