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Magna-Plate™, is a revolutionary wear plate fastening and replacement system that dramatically reduces downtime, labor and material costs associated with abrasive material conveying. The Magna-Plate™ is welded into place on your equipment at transition points requiring protection and holds a steel wear plate in place, acting like a shock absorber as material comes in contact with the surface. Multiple Magna-Plate™ units can be installed in series to hold large steel sections of virtually any size.

Magna-Plate™ combines an impact/abrasion resistant material imbedded with powerful magnetic elements. The magnetic elements secure the ferrous wear plate to the Magna-Plate™ impact/abrasion resistant surface, therefore providing a quick and simple method of steel wear plate fastening and replacement. The permanent magnetic energy is maintenance free and will last virtually forever.

The Magna-Plate™ wear plate fastener eliminates fire hazards and time consuming welding, grinding and gouging associated with typical wear plate replacement. By eliminating bolt holes and welding.

Magna-Plate™ will increase wear plate life while reducing wear plate costs.