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Magna-Patch™ is a reusable magnetically fastened polymer patch that provides cost effective instant repair to steel equipment. This highly visible product is a quick and secure means of repairing holes in steel pipes, elbows, silos, chutes, bins, hoppers and other steel equipment subjected to abrasion. Magna-Patch™ products also work well for emergency response and spill containment as well as for emergency repairs in steel hulled marine vessels.

Using a rubber pad on the inside against the area to be sealed, Magna-Patch™ provides a quick and efficient solution to leaks, allowing the user to replace as required to keep production going until a scheduled permanent repair date.

Wear pads are available to resist whatever medium is being sealed.
(request at time of order)


Magna-Patch™ benefits include:

  • Easy Application and installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Reusable
  • Abrasion resistant